is a trading company, outsourcing, stocking and selling construction steel materials including Reinforcement Steel Bars, Wire Rod, Rebar in Coils, Billets, Steel Pipes, Merchant Bars (Squares, Equal and Unequal Angels, Round Bars, Flat Bars, TBars and Rails, INP, UNP, IPE, UPE, HEA, HEB).
Another branch is also proffessional in Flat Steel including all the Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils, galvanized or non-galvanized Coils, slits and Sheets, painted or plain materials.
Our third branch will be helping you with all you can ask for Steel Pipes, Hollow Sections, Seamless Pipes, Water and Gas Pipes.
We also work on project basis, territory basis and consulting basis when needed.